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Why Use a Local Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Professional

We offer some of the Best Mortgage Lending Rates anywhere in Calgary and Alberta.

Due to fluctuating financial markets in Calgary and Alberta, mortgage rates change often! Contact us today to receive current rates and a complimentary in-depth quote and overview of current market conditions affecting the mortgage market.

Bank RatesMortgage TermOur DISCOUNT Rates
4.10%6 month closed3.10%
3.59%1 year closed2.29%
3.04%2 year closed2.19%
3.65%3 year closed2.24%
4.39%4 year closed2.39%
4.64%5 year closed2.37%
5.14%6 year closed3.49%
5.30%7 year closed3.09%
6.10%10 year closed3.69%
2.70%3 year variable2.25%
2.70%5 year variable2.20%
3.70%5 year open variable3.50%
3.70%Line of Credit3.20%
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